DRIVE One's History:​

DRIVE One Career Technical High School is a public high school authorized by Ferris State University. It's the brainchild of two Metro Detroit educators: One with an administrative background, another in Career Technical Education, both with 35+ years’ experience in their respective areas.

In-partnership between these two educators, DRIVE One Detroit, and experienced instructors from both public education and industry: DOCTHS’ history is already one of academic and career tech excellence dating back to the early 70’s.

Combined, our team of administrators and staff represent:

  • 2 National Blue-Ribbon School (NBRS) Awards

  • A National Title 1 School of Distinction Award

  • 3 High School “Teacher of the Year” Honors

  • 4 National Automotive Technology Education Foundation (NATEF) Program Certifications

  • 16 Michigan Technology Education Society (M.I.T.E.S.) State Championships

  • 84 Competitive Student-Built Project Cars

  • 6 Automotive Service Excelled (ASE) Mechanic Certifications

  • Experience in 12 of the trade programs and all common core subject areas included in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).

First High-School Built Project Car to Compete at the Detroit Autorama-1973
First High-School Built Project Car to Compete at the Detroit Autorama-1973

High School Nationals @ Milan Dragway-1990's
High School Nationals @ Milan Dragway-1990's

Student-Built Stock Car At Mt. Clemens Race Track: 1977
Student-Built Stock Car At Mt. Clemens Race Track: 1977

First High-School Built Project Car to Compete at the Detroit Autorama-1973
First High-School Built Project Car to Compete at the Detroit Autorama-1973



Schools with large student bodies lack individual recognition and accommodations. DOCTHS is the opposite, specializing in every student’s individual skills and needs. From scheduling that works around your life and career, to career and college placement that'll kickstart your future: our team provides students the services and opportunities they need for secondary success and beyond.

One Family:

Students who enroll in DRIVE One Career Technical High School aren’t just a

number or statistic: they are part of an ever-growing family of like-minded peers and staff team members who are truly dedicated to their success. DOCTHS prioritizes inclusivity and acceptance within its programs, meaning no student is ever left behind nor feels alone. This family-like atmosphere is why our student build such lasting relationships with both their peers and instructors, and go-on to successful post-secondary careers.

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The Opportunities Are Limitless:

Upon enrollment, DOCTHS students aren’t just given the opportunity to expand their skills and future: they are also given the opportunity to explore the world outside our campus through “Racing, Automotive, and Competitive Events (R.A.C.E.) Exhibitions. Every project a student works on is built with the intention of it being used outside the classroom. The same goes specifically with our Career Technical programs, where student-built project aren’t built for service, but for competition. These competitions include:

  • The Detroit Autorama

  • GoodGuys Events

  • The Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society (M.I.T.E.S.) Regional & State Finals

  • Championship Racing Association (CRA) Street Stock & Late Model Races

  • National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) & IHRA Drag Racing Events

Students are also welcomed to:

  • To tour various Industry and Manufacturing Facilities (ex: NASCAR Shops, FCA Product Development Office)

  • Attend DRIVE-centric events, including our DRIVEarama Summer Car Show and December Holiday Party

  • Be featured in articles and news-specials about DOCTHS and its students.


No other school provides its students with such amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see what is available to them in the real world.

Enrollment is now open for the 2021-22 School Year!


You can enroll your student by clicking the "Enroll "  button, visiting the DRIVE One TechCenter, or calling  (586) 879-0865.